dottor Ernesto “Tino” Carrega
Co-founder, chocolate &
confectionary consultant

Dottor Ernesto “Tino” Carrega is the inspirational father behind the brand dottor Consiglia. A professor at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan (Italy), dottor Carrega passionately shares with his students the knowledge that he has been accumulating over the past 40 years in the chocolate and confectionary industry. He has been serving this industry as a consultant for almost 30 years too, solving complex problems in product development and production processes for premium clients all over the world. His reputation for his unique expertise and humble personality are the key values that can be retrieved in the dottor Consiglia value proposition.

Marcello Pelà
Co-owner & CEO

Marcello has been servicing the food market with speciality ingredients for over more than 30 years. He has a vast experience in launching food trading companies (Perfoods Trading S.r.l. in 1992 and Newchem S.r.l. in 1997) and accompanying clients by offering them the greatest level of service in pre-and post sales. In his function as the CEO, Marcello guarantees that the best industry experts are servicing the client and that they, time after time, are transmitting the unique values that thrive the dottor Consiglia brand: experts in food. unique in value.

Carla Baroni
New Business Development

Carla has a 20 years background in confectionery. She has experience in sales of premium cocoa and chocolate products in different market tiers, from industrial ingredients, to food-service and consumers products. She has worked in a variety of roles, including procurement, project management, product innovation and export sales for privately owned businesses. She has a sound knowledge of the organic markets both in Europe and North-America and managed pioneer projects of sustainability in cocoa sector. Carla has developed international collaborations with trade representatives, NGOs, producers in origin and certification bodies. Her passion for innovation and dedication to service brought her to NoviLab FOOD with multiple responsibilities as ingredients specialist and project manager.

Ramazan Oflaz
Project Manager

Ramazan has been working in the food industry for eight years. As a project manager, he gained great experience in the bakery and confectionary industry, mainly in Turkey.

Gabriele Castagnetti
Food Consultant

Gabriele has been working in the food industry for 14 years. As a product development manager, he gained great experience working for a big confectionary player specialised in the production of candy and chewing gum in several Asian countries. As a consultant, he has helped several companies located in Asia in launching new products and solving complex production process problems. Gabriele also has experience in the yogurt industry, mainly in Italy and China.

Eraldo Rossi
Food Consultant

Eraldo has been working in Food Industry since over 35 years beginning his career in Colussi Perugia where he brought his passion in problem solving studying and developing technological innovation either for end products or manufacturing lines. Eraldo has been charged as bakery technological responsible for Colussi Group taking care of brand as Misura, Colussi Milano, Audisio e FoodCo. Moreover, plant and production manager in Biscotti Gentilini in Rome and after at I.D.P in Perugia. Finally, factory manager director in Melegatti.
Thanks to the above mentioned experiences Eraldo is a reliable and consistent technologist providing help and support in such a variety of bakery products as cookies, wafers, rusks, crackers, snacks, cakes, sponge cakes, as well as professionally dealing with chemical or natural yeasty products.
His long story beside production lines and manufacturing plant provides a flexible and professional approach as far as concerned QC, R&D, SGQ-HACCP.